Chip Mix

Bhuja is an Australian brand of healthy snacks that reproduces an Indian popular recipe. It is a spiced mix of crackers, dried peas, and other stuff I don’t think really matters for this portfolio.


I will try to show you on this page how I was able to take this project from a briefing through to production and post-production to finally conceding the advertisement above.

Storyboard presented to client


USP – 4 different chips in the same packet
Key Message – ‘Mix it up’


With the given information, I was able to conceptualise a 30 second creative that would meet the client’s needs. To help us pitching the concept I storyboarded the idea (with the assistance of photos I took).


Filming it was fairly easy & fun considering the constraints of the studio I have access to. Most of the scenes there was only one ‘actor’ in frame and the actions were quite simple. The last scene was the most challenging one as I invited all the staff members of the agency to ‘party’ on the background – the lesson learnt was that directing 10+ people is a bit harder, but still doable.


The post-production is definitely the part of the process I most enjoy. Putting it all together and seeing everything coming to life is extremely rewarding. It’s also when you fix any mistake you’ve made when producing it which can also be painful.

The packet and crunches sound effects were essential to tie the whole production together, therefore I found necessary to put extra effort making sure they were as authentic as possible.